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The Grape Life
Wine & More

It's not just the wine...........

When reflecting on why we've been in business for nearly 15 years, we've come to some conclusions. Although we have consistently offered a wide variety of delicious vino, representing many regions at a fair price, it's more than the wine that brings people to The Grape Life - and keeps them coming back.

It's the PEOPLE. Our customers are simply the best and most loyal patrons you'll find. You're not a stranger for long after you walk through our door, and because we (the owners) are on-site 99% of the time, we get to know you and you become family.

It's the MUSIC. The musicians we are blessed to have perform at the Grape Life are at the top of their craft and enjoy sharing their music as much as we all enjoy them. It's the love of music - all genres - that bring people to the GL. We've said it before and it's worth repeating - music is in our DNA, and it brings joy to the entire room (which has comfy chairs or table seating, BTW).

It's the warm, friendly, relaxing ATMOSPHERE. Comfy couches and chairs, a fake-but-inviting fireplace, low lighting, no TV's, and love. Leave your cares at the door, have a chat (or meeting, or book club, or shower, or small-ish party) with friends, family or co-workers, and the stress of your day will melt away.

If you've never given us a try, or haven't been in to the GL in a while, we invite you to stop by in the near future. For some fun, lively conversations, to listen to live music, to relax, and to sip some of our yummy wine (or craft beer, or premium liquor cocktails). We guarantee you'll have a great experience and we'd love to see you!

The Grape Life Wine Store & Lounge, where regular people have been serving up wine & more for nearly 15 years.

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We Can Host Your Event

Whether it's a baby or bridal shower, family gathering, anniversary or birthday party, or small-ish company event, we'd love to discuss your needs with you!

No rental fee ~ our cost is based on a minimum spend, so check out the GL for your next event!

Contact Us to Learn More


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