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Wine Club

Live the "Life"

Many of our customers are as passionate about wine as they are about their “home away from home” - The Grape Life.  So, we know that part of what you expect from The Grape Life is the opportunity to experience the wider world of wines without the risks and challenges of trying it all on your own. 

At The Grape Life we gladly take on this responsibility by offering Wine Club members the opportunity to explore wines from wine makers and wine regions all around the world - because while your teacher may have told you learning is fun – learning about new favorite wines is the most fun! Join the "Club" and enjoy a FREE tasting exclusively for our members 10 months each year (Jan - Oct)


  • Specially chosen wines that deliver quality and value you just won't find at the local grocery store!

  • The easiest way to build or broaden your home collection!

  • Special member discounts on events, tastings, and wine classes, including a 10% discount on any purchase of six bottles or more!

  • Preferential treatment and advance notice for "members only" gatherings and general public events.  “Blind” tastings to help choose monthly wines.

  • As part of the Grape Life family, you will have an easy way to spend time with folks who are as passionate about wine, and having a good time, as you are!


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